June 2nd @ 1:00pm – FINAL NEW YORK CITY AREA Track & Field Tryout for the V Olympiad of the Province of Macerata


The final tryout for italian and italian american youth age 11 to 13 (born between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2002) to win a spot on the track & field team that is invited to participate in the V Olympiad of the Province of Macerata in Italy, will take place starting at 1 p.m. on Monday, June 2, on the occasion of the Giornata Italiana dello Sport, organized by Coni USA in association with La Scuola d’Italia G. Marconi at their East 67th Street campus in Manhattan. 

Athletes will travel to Italy from New York City on June 25 and return on July 2nd (One day later than previously reported.) The competitions will be held in the city of Macerata, in the the Marche Region, in addition the athletes will visit important cultural and tourist site. International travel, food and lodging is at Coni’s expense.

New York, NY  May 30, – The V Edition of the Olympiad of the Province of Macerata is organized jointly by the Provincial Administration of Macerata and the Provincial Delegation of CONI and the Municipality of Macerata, in cooperation with the National Sports Federations ( NSF ), the Associated Sports Disciplines ( DSA) through their Territorial Representatives. Participation is for Italian athletes as well as for athletes of Italian origin from Argentina, Brazil , Canada, Switzerland, Venezuela and the United States, countries where Coni has a Representative.

To qualify athletes must be not less than 11 and not more than 13 years old within 2014, be of Italian origin by at least one out of four great grandparents who are or have been Italian citizens, be a student of a public or private school, have a recent medical certificate of authorization to engage in active sports, be in possession of a valid passport or commit to request one within a time to be agreed with Coni’s Representative in the USA.

At tryouts children must be accompanied by an adult parent or legal guardian and bring their running shoes (cleated shoes are NOT permitted). All participants will be assessed in all disciplines of racing: 80 m/dash; 80 m/hurdles, shot put, long jump, high jump, 1000m and 100 m/relay. The final selection is at the sole discretion of the coaches and Coni’s US Representative. Parents will be informed promptly if the athlete was selected as a team regular, or recalled for further assessment, or for a position as a reserve.

Tryouts will continue in Westchester, NY on Wednesday May 21st, 2014

From 1:00pm, on Monday June 2nd at La Scuola D’Italia G. Marconi @ 406 East 67th Street in New York City, NY:

 Monday June 2nd, 2014;  @ 1:00pm at 406 East 67th Street, New York, NY  (La Scuola D’Italia G. Marconi)

 (Click here for a Google Mapping) La Scuola

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Professional coaches assist Coni’s Representative Mr. Licastro in the selection process. A veteran of the program is Ms. Julia Pickslay, from California ( [email protected] ), an expert in ” motivational sports training.” The other coaches are : coach Eddie Arnold ( Southampton HS ) Mike Strokbine ( Speed ​​Training Academy , LI) , assisted by Anthony Isabelli Mr’ Licastro’ trustee Mid – West ) and Claudio Delli Carpini (ass. coach specialista ostacoli.)

The selection of the team members who will go to the Youth Olympics of the Province of Macerata is based not only on athletic performance, but also on the result of an interview conducted by Mr. Licastro and the coaches who will assess some social and team based characteristics of the athletes.

The selection also takes place in other U.S. cities to decide who will be the lucky athletes who aspire to compete in the Italian Games and win a spot on the podium, in the most sincere spirit of the Olympic Movement, in experiencing great emotions both on the track steeped in history and culture of their roots.

For additional information call the Cav. Uff. Mico Delianova Licastro, Coni Representative in the US, at 1-631-566-0257, or e-mail him at [email protected].

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